A Second Great LED -2

I used a grow tent again for my second test of a LED from HTGSupply.com and it turned out even better than I would have hoped. The new 2 watt bulbs really increase the light intensity and everything that I said in my first LED test about the 120 watt Tri-band is true for the 90 watt UFO (X2).  The UFO also incorporates the Tri-band technology but with two watt bulbs it is an even better light with LESS electricity usage. The next few posts will document with words and pictures my experiences
I have recommend to many people to start plants under a fluorescent light as it promotes short node length and good vegetative growth with its high blue light output. With the big bulbs (T-8 and T-12) I recommend cool white for its high Kelvin rating  and the blue bulbs for the T-5 HO. I have propagated cuttings under an LED and started seeds with my first LED test, but there is no reason not to use fluorescents if you have them, as I do.

I was happy to see that at the end of one week both lights had induced flowering in the cherry tomato plants. The basil and Coleus were smaller and younger and did not begin to flower in the first week. Remember that the LED is using 90 watts and the 4 bulb T-5 is using around 204 watts.
Good Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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