Cuttings with LED Lighting

I decided to try taking cuttings of rosemary and try out Juicy Roots and see if there is a difference when the cuttings are put under fluorescents vs. LED. I took 6 cuttings and put half under a big tube fluorescent light and the others in the grow tent with the UFO. You can see with your own eyes the results (below). Now with such a small sample size this is certainly not scientific, but my goal was to test a LED with cuttings and I can now recommend LED’s from HTGSupply.com for growing plants and starting cuttings and as you will see in the next few posts, flowering/fruit production. I would have advised anyone to put the cuttings under a dome but I did not. Learn from my absent minded mistakes, you will greatly increase your cutting success if you keep the humidity high for your cuttings until roots develop.

Good Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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