Small spaces - 4 GROW TENT-2

If you have a big room and don’t want to devote it entirely to your hobby, or you don’t want to build a new closet/grow area a grow tent  may be a good choice for you to grow in small spaces.
You can buy a grow tent from HTGSupply.com. I am using one with a LED.

The grow tent is nice because it provides shelter for your plants; it is light proof with Velcro sealed openings for electric cords, carbon filters/ air exchangers etc. The reflective inside means that all the light is bounced around until it is absorbed by the plants. This makes whatever type of light you have from HTGSupply.com more efficient.  Leave your cloths in the closet; a grow tent is easy to set up and is a better grow space.

If you follow the directions  it is easy to set up and is a small self contained space great for growing plants.

I am very happy with my grow tent and as I said it is versatile with lots of holes with Velcro so I can use different equipment over time as my growing needs change. Being light proof is also ideal if you are interested in flowering since most plants need specific lights on and off time periods which you DON’T have in an open room where you turn on and off the lights as you come and go.
I have been using this grow tent and 120 Watt Tri-Band LED Grow Light over 5 weeks now. I am using a LED from HTGSupply.com. I have received many questions about LED’s and I am in the processes of getting first hand knowledge of their use. I can now say the 120 Watt Tri-Band LED Grow Light from HTGSupply.com works. I don’t think this is true of other grow stores whose lights look like the same color LED with your eyes but it is not the best 'color' for plants. No other company has allowed me to try their lights and write about it so I am NOT endorsing all LED’s, only the one’s from HTGSupply.com

I will be writting about LED's in April 2010, no matter the date or time comments and questions are always welcome!
Good Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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