Fungus in the Grow Room

I get a few E-mail’s about fungal problems.   Many times I am not sure if it is fungus, or a phosphorus deficiency.  The leaves at the bottom would get brown/grey and dry and shrivel up.  I usually ask about phosphorus, but most people use too much nutrients, not too little.  I then recommend adding some lime to the water to adjust the pH, thinking maybe if the soil pH was too high, the phosphorus would not be absorbed.  It seemed the plants would limp along and people would eke out a small harvest.  I know most people would be happy to get anything when it looked like the plants were going to die, but after a second and third time, it is time to get this problem under control.

Air flow and lowering the humidity are too very important ways to reduce fungus.  Another very important factor is making sure the plants are growing in good soil, I like to add perlite or sand to most mixes I buy.  This allows the roots to grow.  Healthy growing roots send a message to the top of the plant to keep growing, nutrients and water are on the way.  If your plants are root bound, they will be more susceptible to disease and fungus. (read my post on potting up) If those environmental measures don’t keep the fungus away, you can try using Serenade.  I have used it and it works. 
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