E-mail - Is a LED the Right Light?

I am in need of a grow light.  I had bought a 90W 3 band ufo on another site claiming to out preform a 400W HID and cover a 4x4 area, but after several months I am very unimpressed.  HTG recently recommended the 430W 7 band LED as being able to cover a 4x3 area.  This seems to mean to cover the same size area I could either run a 400W MH (which I already have a ballast) or the 430W LED.  I switched to LED in the first place because my utility provider is very expensive compared to others around.  Currently what do you believe would be the best option?  In several of your old posts you recommended the tri band LEDs, but why not the 7 band?  I will need to ventilate either way so that is not an issue.  The HID lights are much cheaper, so what makes the LEDs so much better aside from longer life.  I want the ability to cover about a 4x4 area, but be as energy efficient as possible.  What are your thoughts?
I agree with your thinking.  The LED, will cover that area, you can keep it 3 feet or a bit higher above the plants to cover more space.  White walls will be your best bet to increase reflection; don't forget to paint the inside of the door too.

The 7 Band 430 watt LED  uses about the same electricity, as a 400 w MH but the LED will grow plants great.  If energy conservation is a priority, you could get away with a 240 watt LED, but you might not be able to fill all your grow area. I can tell you any LED from HTGSupply.com will be better than a MH, especially if you are going to flower your plants.   With a MH or HPS, you will need to replace the bulbs every couple years, if you want to get the most from the lights.  LED's don't have this problem; they last for 80,000 or more hours with little to no loss of output.  So, the LED will save you on electricity and will give you great plant growth for years without having to spend any more money on bulbs.
I hope this helps, E-mail me with any more questions,
Good growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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