How to Tell if Your Plants Are Growing at Their Maximum

Look at your plants.  Do you notice that the top leaves are small and seem not to be growing?   The plant can look healthy, but are the leaves on the branches growing?  For most fast growing plants grown indoors under a light from HTGSupply.com, you should see changes in growth every day.  If your plant seems to be stuck, your plant may be root bound. (click here to see pictures of a test I ran on pot size)
Even if you do not notice slowed growth, good growers know that when you harvest your plant, you should take a look at the roots.  If you see a white ball of roots and no soil at the bottom, or the roots are in the shape of your container try a bigger container next time.  When plants roots get compressed in a small pot, the plant will grow smaller and have less yields, as well as be more susceptible to fungal infestation and other diseases.
Good Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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