Containers and Potting Up

Potting-up" is just the term for moving seedlings out of the seedling tray or small container and into a larger container--

First, gather up enough pots so you have one for each plant. You can re-use pots that you may have lying around, just clean them with soap and water first.  If you have had infestations make sure you disinfect them using a weak hydrogen peroxide or bleach solution and rinse them completely before planting in them. You can also find new, clean pots at HTGSupply.com. I like to use plastic party cups for small plants, they are cheap easy to get and can be disposed of after one use if you have pest or disease problems. I have reused plastic cups many times when I am not bothered by infestations.

You will also need several large, water-tight trays that the pots will fit into to catch the excess water that runs out of the pots. I clean, disinfect and re-use trays from year to year.

If you have problems with fungus do not splash water on the plants by watering the trays and let the water soak up into the medium. You should not let your plants sit in water more than 24 hrs.

Good Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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