E-mail LED and Vegetative Growth

I've just purchased this LED from HTG Supply.  It's a 90w with 3 color wavelengths (red 630-660), (blue 450-460) and (orange 610-615).  I'm using it with 4 plants (clones) for 12 hours a day with the light 1.5 meters above the plants.  After 2 weeks using this light, I'm seeing minor amounts of flower initiation.  I've increased the light to 16 hours a day now but have a lingering question....is there a problem with using this 3 color LED light during the plant growth phase?  It seems to be a great light for my application.  Thanks- 

 You are growing a short day plant. (Read my post on Plantflowering) If you want to make sure the plants do not flower anymore, you could leave the light on 24/7 for a couple days, or take the length of the day (time light is on) to 20 hours.  Read my post on speeding up flowering
If you got the LED from HTGSupply.com, then you are fine for all growth phases.  Plants need red and blue and some secondary colors to grow.  Blue light is associated with vegetative growth, and red with flowering, and your LED has both.  I have found that the LED's keep the plants growing short and stocky during vegetative growth phase just like when I used fluorescents and plants flower as good as with an HPS
So, you are fine.  Let me know how things turn out with your LED.
Good Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers 


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