E-mail - Slugs in the Grow Tent!

I have a grow tent in my garage.  I found slugs in my grow tent, what do you recommend as I plan to eat my plants, so I don't want to use anything toxic.  I am growing in a soil mix I got from HTG

  The slugs are getting in from somewhere, you may have a small hole etc. in your garage.  They are most likely nocturnal, so you could go out at night with a flashlight and look for them.  Also, slugs leave a slime trail, which helps them move, but it also allows them to find their way back to the food, look for a slime trail coming out of your grow tent and you might be able to follow it to where they are getting in.

Slugs are easy to control, you just have to sprinkle sluggo all around the grow tent.  This is made of iron phosphate, so you can put it in the soil around your plants, and even around the outside of your garage.  Just make sure you put a lot of it down, you want to make sure the slugs crawl over it.  The sluggo will be absorbed by the slugs, and it interferes with an enzyme in their digestive system and they no longer can eat, and they die.
I have written a post about slugs and snails with pictures of damage, if click here if you want to see it.
Good growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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Here is a picture of a leopard slug, it does not have its antennae extended.

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