300 W LED vs. 400 W HPS

I got an E-mail from a reader that asked me not to use her name. She had been using a 400W HPS for many years, but decided to give LED’s a try, for the energy conservation, which is good for the environment, but the fact that LED’s don’t need new bulbs every 2 years, also means less resources are used, another financial and environmental benefit. She told me that she harvested a little bit MORE using the 300 W Tri-Band sold by HTGSupply. More importantly, she said she did not have to tie down the plants which used to grow overly tall and lanky when first put under the HPS. (Read my post on HPS and flowering) I love getting these E-mail’s as well as questions about growing. I enjoy growing and helping others and we can all learn from each other. If anyone else has made the switch from HPS to LED, let me know the results.  In my 2010 post comparing LED and HPS,  I suggested to use an HPS over LED for flowering, after using the LED's from HTGSupply, I now think LED's are comparable even during flowering

Good Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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