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hey Doc - I’ve been stocking my flowering room with plants which have grown vegetatively for a minimum of 2 weeks. on the strongest plants selected for flowering the roots are typically matted up pretty good in the bottom of the 4 inch square pots I veg them in (from rooted cuttings). I do this because in a few different gardening books and stuff it's been mentioned that this root bound plant will more thoroughly fill out its new larger container's area of medium with more roots. do you think i might be better off using 1/2 gallon bags instead of the 4 inch square pots?

Thanks for the E-mail. I have written about potting up plants and container. The answer depends, if the roots are really matted up, meaning they are growing in circles and all twisted, then I disagree. The roots have wasted time and energy growing in a circle and you will have to cut and remove them to get good growth. I think the idea might be to get the plants to completely fill out the pot, and transplant it just before they grow in circles and around each other. I personally have found that bigger is better. When roots grow up against something hard, like a pot bottom, or a rock, they send a message to the plant that they can’t keep growing. If most or all the plant roots send this message, the plant will slow growth, and be a smaller plant with a lower yield. There is no such thing as too big a container. Well, sort of, the size constraint is not for the plant, but the space you have. If you can get enough plants in the area with ½ gallon pots/bags, I’d use that vs. the smaller pots.

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Good Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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