Coir Starter Plugs and Compost

As you know I like to compost and grow outdoors as well as indoors. There reason is that I just don’t have the room to grow everything I want indoors, and who can beat the cost of sunlight and rain?

I like to use the starter plugs for seedlings and cuttings.  Sometimes, the cuttings die, or I have plants that I harvest and still have the starter plug around the stem.  Last year I put several of the coir starter plugs in my compost pile. Several months later, they are still intact, but are very easy to break apart. I think in a couple more months they will continue to break down, and even if they do not break down on a molecular level, the plant roots, water and nutrients will still pass through the starter plugs. So, if you have some used starter plugs you have used a few times or some plant roots/ stem that still have the plug after you harvest, just throw them in the compost bin.

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Good Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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hillbilly said...

i never even thought about whether or not i should even be putting starter plugs in the compost pile Doc - i just put them in. i use those starter plugs from HTG Supply and from what i understand these plugs are made from tree bark (but perhaps i didn't ask enough questions or should have been compelled to do more research). as you mentioned, i see an occasional "assembled" plug from time to time when i turn the pile, but i just kept telling myself that they"re made of tree bark.