E-mail - Node Spacing Problems

Hi Doc,
What deficiency causes spacing between nodes?

Do you mean long or short nodes? Long nodes can be from applying too much nitrogen or too little light, or too much heat.
Short nodes often result when the plants are in a contain  that is too small (see potting up link) but can be from a phosphorus deficiency which is rare but can cause short plants.  The short plants will be dark green and may turn purple (including the stems). Phosphorus is the second number in a fertilizer (N-P-K) so make sure you use a fertilizer that has phosphorus as it improves root growth in young plants, and fruit/flowering in older plants.  Never use more than the manufacturers recommended dose however! Even if you are using a fertilizer with phosphorus if your pH is above 7.3 or below 5 your plants may not be able to get phosphorus so you should check your pH.

Hope this helps
Good Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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