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Hey there Doc,
   All of this online pro and con info. has my head spinning, regarding LED grow lights. It seems that as long as the light is usable for the plants, it doesn't matter whether it comes from an LED, HPS, MH, or outer space! I need a new vegetative light and I have seen more than one positive comment about HTG Supply. I was hoping you could recommend an LED panel or UFO system that you have found effective. I will gladly order one, once my confidence has received a little boost. I need about 12 sq. feet of good intense coverage. Thanx mucho!!!

I have done a good bit of research into LED since HTGsupply.com first contacted me. I am with you, it seems a bit confusing, and a big reason is that not all LED’s are the same. I am still an HID specifically HPS grower and LED’s don’t seem to be better than HPS for my growing needs.  However, they do use less electricity (which is good) and have a lower heat output.  Also, for large areas you would need multiple LED’s where as one 600W or 1000 W HPS can do the trick. This means you would spend more money on a couple-three LED’s if you have a larger area (5x5 or bigger). However, if you used 400 W of LED and compared that to 400 W HPS then I would not bet against LED’s to win. However the initial cost would be a lot more for LED, but the life of an LED is years more than an HPS so that must be figured in too…

What I can tell you is I have grown using the 120 watt tri band and I am using the new 90 UFO with 2 Watt LED bulbs and it is looking good (It has the same new Triband technology)  I know LED lights are VERY popular items and have shown excellent results (LINK to UFO test).

I also used the UFO for clones (LINK CLONE BUCKET) and I had great results. I would say if you are going to use an LED, I would recommend the newer 2 watt bulbs and using the Tri-band technology from HTGSupply.com. There are a lot of other LED’s out there, but many other companies simply buy the parts from China and have no over sight or testing. I am glad to test many of HTGSupply’s stuff, and I have been happy with everything, accept the ozone generator (LINK). I know the owners care first and foremost about their customers having good products where as many other companies would rather make a quick buck and sell you a crappy product and try to find another sucker. I say go with a Tri Band LED from HTGsupply.com and you won’t need to go anywhere else.
Good Growing,
Dr. E.R.Myers


Anonymous said...

Please comment if you have experience with LED intensity and distance. It appears (and I've repeated this behavior twice now) when the LED 120w panel is too close to the plant, "bleaching" happens. New growth is yellow and appears to contain no chlorophyll with splotchy patterns. Could it be that the lens works to magnify and make the beam too intense or should I continue testing soil pH? Light penetration is very important. Thanks.

. said...

This does sound like the light is too intense. I see this when I do not harden off my plants and I place them outside in the sun. Move the LED light a foot or more up away from the plants. If you keep seeing the splotchy pattern on new growth, move it up higher. If you did not get the light from HTGSupply.com, you might have a bad LED...