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Hello There Doc,
  I have a small grow enclosure (2x4x5) with a 400w hps air cooled reflector and a 4" inline fan for air exchange with a carbon filter. i was just wondering what the most efficient way to incorporate all these items. For example what is the best order to use these items. filter-reflector-fan. all obviously connected with 4" ducting. will this reduce the efficiency of the filter at all? and how air tight are the reflectors with a glass lens? odor and heat must be controlled. Thank you

Thanks for your E-mail. I have forwarded your question to Perry at Sales@HTGSupply.com. He is better qualified to answer questions about equipment while I answer any questions about plants and the environment you create to grow plants. If you have any biological questions please send me another E-mail
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From Perry at Sales@ HTGSupply.com
Thank you for your purchase. I got this question forwarded from our ASK THE DOC section. He deals with just actual growing questions and that is why he forwarded this to me.
Your idea for most efficient way to set those up is correct,” filter-reflector-fan". The manufacturers of both the filters and the fans, regardless of whom the manufacturer is, recommend having the fan at the very end pulling air threw then out the fan. Just like you mentioned! The reason being if set up so the fan is "pushing" the air through, there will be resistance from the ducting and reflector that will slow down the CFM, thus you won't get the same performance. However, if it is "pulling" at the end then out the fan, the resistance isn't as bad thus you get better performance.

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