The 8 site Clone Bucket - Conclusion

You can see that I got great root growth. I kept them in the bucket for a couple more weeks after I had enough roots to pot them up to see what would happen. I did start to get some leaf yellowing but I was very busy with work and did not check pH or EC so this could have easily been avoided. The 8 clone bucket can keep plants growing for a long time, I’d wager you could use it for flower plants…Or you can get 8 new clones each and every month forever, the choice is yours.

This is a great product to have for cuttings and I think it would go well with a hydroponic set up. These bare root plants / cuttings are perfect for a hydroponic system or they are ready to put into the soil or any type of medium you use. I am going to keep the plants in the bucket for a while longer and see what happens. Now that the roots are established I added some fish emulsions to the bucket (2-1-1) To make sure I had some micronutrients and I added some hydroponic fertilizer (1-5-6) to make sure root development had all the phosphorus it needed. As I have mentioned potassium is a good all around nutrient helping in most plant functions so I always choose a fertilizer that has it. It is also hard (NOT IMPOSSIBLE) to reach toxic levels of potassium so it is ok to mix two or more fertilizers that have potassium.

Good Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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