A second Great LED - 3

During the second and third week I started to see a difference between the UFO LED in the grow tent and the T-5 Fluorescent.  The LED had a much better flower response than the T-5.   This is not surprising if you look at the light output, the T-5 is a good light because it has a broad light output (All the colors of the rainbow which makes it look 'white' to your eyes) and it has a lot of blue light.  Both blue and red light are required by plants in all growth stages, but an excess of blue light will promote short bushy vegetative growth and may actually inhibit the flower response in some plant species.  This UFO LED has plenty of blue and red light (In the proper wavelength for plants to use as an energy source for photosynthesis, not just so it looks red or blue to the human eye).  You can see this light does promote good flowering/fruit production.  What may be surprising is that the UFO uses only about 90 watts while the T-5 is using almost 200 watts.   The Tri-band technology developed by HTGSupply.com really does promote excellent plant growth and lives up to much of what I have heard about LED’s.  I still know there are a lot of poor quality LED’s out there so don’t assume any LED is as good as what I have shown here.

Good Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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