Light Meter Uses, LED etc.

I have included some pictures of a light meter I got from HTGSupply.com   This is not an essential tool for good growing but there  are some light meter uses that the more advanced grow could use to improve their growing.
The first thing you could do with a light meter is to check for hot spots or low light areas under you lights to maximize the space you grow in

I have written about how long HID bulbs last and a second use of a light meter for good growing is to test how the output of your HID bulbs are declining and make sure you maximize the life of the bulb. Maybe your bulbs are lasting longer then average and you don’t need to replace them, or maybe you have a below average life expectancy and your output is well below what you want.

A third use of a light meter is to get the right height for your light, you don’t want to risk your plants growing into the lights and burning if they get enough light a few inches further from your light.

Good Growing,
Dr. E. R. Myers

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