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Hi Doc. I love your website. Very cool.
To start seeds I bought a 4 bulb fluorescent fixture and installed 2 full  spectrum bulbs and 2 aquarium bulbs. Is this good for starting seeds so they don't get leggy or should I just go with the regular shop lights?

Also, I have a ballast labeled for a 440 watt HPS. Does that mean I can not use it with a 400 watt MH?
Any other advice?
Thanks very much.

Hello, Thanks for the kind words about the website, I hope this site helps people grow well.

Any florescent is good for seedlings. Your bulbs are good. You could get similar results with cheaper cool white bulbs from a hardware store. In a couple years when you need new bulbs go with them...Make sure you keep the bulbs no more than one inch above the tops of the plants. If you have the fluro's more than an inch or two above the plants they will get lanky.  If people use the HO T-5 from HTGSupply.com you will keep the light a few inches above the plants.

The 440 watt HPS uses 400 Watt HPS bulbs. the extra 40 watts are for the ballast. You can NOT exchange an MH and HPS bulb they are very different!!! Unless you have a new digital conversion ballast. Contact Perry at Sales@htgsupply.com with specific questions about your light if you got it at HTGSupply.com

You should get a new HPS bulb every 2-3 years to maximize growth and flowering. A root warmer would help speed up germination.

I have also used the Tri-Band from HTGSupply.com to grow seedlings successfully. (See seedlings growing under LED)

Good Growing,
Dr. E. R. Myers

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