E-mail -- The Right Light and Yellow Leaves

I have a question. I have a 6' X 3' space for my indoor flowering. I have a HTG 150 HPS light and a 400 HPS light.
I only use the 150 as it seemed the 400 was too strong.   Question: is a 150 HPS bulb suitable for this space? or should I buy another150 HPS lamp. What is the perfect lighting situation for this space?
As always Thanks in advance.
What do you mean too strong? too bright or too hot? Either one could be helped by raising the light away from the plants. Unless you are growing in a crawl space you just need to lift up the light. I'd not spend your cash on another 150 when I think a 400 W is needed for your space. Let me know what you think was the problem with the 400W hps because that is the light I'd recommend for your space.

Good Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers
Well my situation is this..... I don’t have a green thumb !! I always seem to water or add nutrients at the wrong time.  I try to add water every other day and I stick my finger in the soil about 2 inches to determine when to water. I add Miracle Grow (15-30-15) for vegetative stage and 10-54-10.   I have some flowering plants that have turned pale yellow (leaves) and they are withering and falling off. I thought it was either low N or the 400 HPS was too strong (it is 3 feet from the top of the plants). So I switched to 150 HPS.

I can’t decide correctly what exactly the issue is. The plants are not talking to me. I have another batch ready for flowering in 3 weeks so I am going to take your advice and use the 400 HPS instead of the 150 HPS and raise the lamp. It’s just that sometimes I worry about the heat coming off the transformer from the 400 HPS even though I have a dedicated fan just for this heat source. I’m learning Thanks again.
Hello again,
Ok, it sounds like you are watering your plants too much... that also causes leaf yellowing. Let the soil on top dry out completely and pick up or tip the pots to see if they are heavy with water.  Also, get a thermometer with min. max if your temperature by the plants does not go above 90F you are fine with the temperature.
Good Growing,
Dr. E. R. Myers
Yes Sir!
You are right on target. Overwatering. All of my 3 gallon pots are heavy with water. I need to not be so "hands on". They will be completely dry on top before I water again.
Thanks Dr. I appreciate your help!

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