The Best LED for Plant Growth III

I am happy with the growth of the LED in week three.  The T-5 as I knew it would had great growth as well but I don't have a good picture from week three of the T-5, but I do for the next few.

I have said that LED are a good light for growing in small spaces.  I am more impressed as each week passes.
If you got the LED because of a problem with heat, you could also try adding some single lamp T5's in each corner of the tent to increase light with minimal heat. I believe that if you use LED with T5 in each corner you will get optimal results - but then we are talking about using almost 336 watts total.  If you can handle the heat you might consider a 400w HPS. 

The concept behind the Tri-Band 120 watt LED GROW LIGHT is simple – it uses highly efficient 1 watt LED’s, which are the exact wavelength required for photosynthesis. The 1 watt LED use wide angle directional bulbs for a wide area of coverage. The 1 watt LED is one of the most efficient light sources in the world (lumens per watt). By using only the spectrums required for plant growth, no energy is wasted generating spectrums of light that do little for a plants growth – such as green light. Also the directional LED’s ensure 100% of the light is pointed downwards – they do not rely upon reflective materials to direct the light. The High Power Tri-Band 120 watt LED GROW LIGHT can be used by itself for all cycles of plant growth (covers approximately 12-20 square feet).  

Good Growing,
Dr. E. R. Myers

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