Getting Ready for Spring and Outdoor Growing

Good growers, know one of the best things about growing in doors is that you always have sunny days with the optimal temperatures and just the right amount of water.  Indoors you can maximize photosynthesis every day of the week.  This is not true outdoors.
However, space can be limiting indoors, and you need to pick the right size container for you plants.  You also need to pay for electricity and all the environmental issues that go with that.  I encourage you to try outdoor growing, it is easy to do especially if you already have a green thumb from being an indoor grower.  Soil can be tested and altered but if you plan to water and fertilize your outdoor plants this is not absolutely necessary.  Also, checking the pH is not usually needed for outdoor growing. Again, if you have the ability to check and alter the pH by all means do so.

Good Outdoor Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

I started 2013 with an idea to try new things, and I mentioned seed germination ideas.

A scientific test on the best medium for seed germination

Seed germination in a plastic bag

Seed Storage

Determining seed sex

Good lighting for seedlings

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