Maximizing Root Growth in Containers -2

In my previous post, I suggested trying to keep the top layer of soil moist to maximize root growth. This month I am encouraging and trying some new techniques myself to expand our growing abilities You hydroponics growers, I know this blog does not always give you the attention you deserve, but different hydroponic mediums might suit the plants better than the ones you are using, why not try a different medium?  Of course you will have to experiment with watering amounts and timing if you use a different medium.

Even if the ‘new ‘medium is not an improvement, at least you know, and the knowledge you gain through observation may come in handy sometime in the future. Expanding your knowledge is like planting an unknown seed; you never know what it will grow into.

Think about the type of soil you use. . You could try different soil amendments. If you are using a cheap soil from a retail store, you can do better. Even if you are using a top rate soil please read my post on vermiculite and perlite and coir and think about your growing situation. I tried a coir soil mix and continue to do so. 

Is your soil dry every day when the plants are large and flowering? If so you need to add materials like coir or compost to the soil, or add less sand or perlite to your mix. I encourage you to do a scientific experiment, use two different mediums in a few different pots and compare the plants. (Click here to read a post on the characteristics to use when comparing plant growth)

Good Growing, Dr. E.R. Myers

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