Growing with a Soil-Coir Mixture

Most E-mail’s I get are about problems with growing.  However, I also enjoy when I get comments and ideas from successful good growers. This semester I have been getting ready for spring and my outdoor garden and I have given my seedlings the optimal growth environment which this year includes  a mixture that is ½ Happy Frog rainforest soil and ½ coir brick.  There are many other choices for germinating mediums  of course but I always encourage people to experiment and try to imporve what they are doing.

This mixture is very light which promotes good root growth but holds water for the seedlings. I encourage you soil growers out there to give this mixture a try. I welcome sharing of other medium ‘recipes’ that have worked for you. I have learned a lot from writing this blog and I hope we can all keep learning from each other.

Good Growing
Dr. E.R. Myers

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