Can You Improve Seed Germination?

As we start another year, it is a great opportunity to try to improve how we grow.

Once you can successfully grow the plants you want to grow, why not try to grow different plants?  I have posted about growing banana's and ghost peppers why not give something else a try? Of course we all can improve how we grow if we are mindful and observant. My theme for January will be to take us through the grow process and think of ways to make an improvement in growing.
Germination I have done a scientific test that I encourage you to read in regards to germination,  comparing Rockwool, soil and grow plugs, .  I encourage you as always to try this for yourself.   If you have not tried the plugs, give them a try, for the most port they are made of materails that would otherwise be a waste product (tree bark and coconut husks).  They are also very easy to use, you sow the seeds and then just plop the plug in the soil or hydroponic system like the big boy, once the plants start to grow.

Do you use a heat mat? As I mentioned this in a previous post that you can speed up the germination, but it can also increase the percentage of seeds that germinate

Please see my post on seed storage. I do not think you can find a better way to store seeds than in the freezer, accept a -70C freezer like they use in scientific laboratories.

Good Growing,
Dr E.R. Myers

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