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Ok so I was watering once a day when I woke up and since I got your message I have started watering with a little less water, but twice a day instead and that has taken care of the droopy leaves but the thing about the leaves with the brown tips is that I have not been feeding these plants any sort of base nutrients just like I was doing with the original roots organics soil, I am only giving the plants supplements like rhino skin and sweet with some B-52 and thats it, so its not that I am giving it to much nutrients, and its not root bound i just transplanted them into a larger pot a week ago. do you have any other suggestions of what may be causing the brown tips?

I have written one post about brown leaf tips before
I get brown tips sometimes too. The first think I would do is see what the humidity is. Indoors the humidity can go well below what it can outdoors. If you have a thermometer with humidity that has a high low, you just need to check and make sure the humidity is not below 50% all the time. Humidity can be very low if you are using an HPS or MH, but all lights generate some heat which will reduce humidity. If you are having good growth, this is a minor problem. You could water the plants a bit more, mist the plants, or sit open water in the grow room to increase humidity, but ALL of these can also increase mold and mildew problems.

If all the leaves at the top have brown tips (and you use an MH or HPS) it is most likely low humidity or high heat. It could also be a sign of low nitrogen. You could consider using a fertilizer like Roots Organics Buddha Grow. This has nitrogen but is not too strong, sounds like your soil is providing most of the needed nutrients.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have further questions about this or other topics...

Good growing,
Dr E. R. Myers

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