E-mail - Brown Leaf Tips and Droopy Leaves

Hi, So I've been using the original roots organic soil, and I decided I would try out the Roots Organics Green Lite, and the plants that are in that soil, have been droopy and getting brown tips on the leaves. do you know what the problem is? If so what products preferably from advanced nutrients or roots organics product line can solve my problem?

Droopy leaves often means water problems; the green light has more perilite and drains water (higher permeability due to higher porosity). Did you completely saturate the soil the first time you watered? Does water come out the bottom when you first water? Does it do so quickly, like in a couple seconds? If yes then your soil is too dry (I almost never say that). The usual problem most people have is over watering, (which can also cause leaves to droop, and over time causes leaf yellowing) but I think the green lite is designed to be light so roots can grow easily through it, and unlike outdoor plants, indoor plants don't have to worry about running out of water. Tip the pots over a bit (not all the way) if they seem light, you are under watering. Another trick is to stick your finger into the soil/medium it should be wet when you stick it down to the second knuckle.

Some other causes of brown leaf tips are when the plants are root bound. Plants that are root-bound often have problems with brown or yellow leaves, so this is one of the first things you should check. If plant roots are growing in circles and look like a big mass or are growing out through the bottom of the pot, move the plant to a bigger pot.

Another problem is over fertilizing. Sometimes the minerals and nutrients in the soil cause leaves to brown. Chlorine, salt and fluoride can all cause leaves to turn brown. You could try using distilled water for a few watering, if you notice the new leaves do not have brown leaf tips, you found your problem. Using too much fertilizer may also be a culprit. Do a soil test if you think one of these issues might be your problem.

I hope this helps,
Good growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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