E- mail - Brown or Scorched Leaf Tips

Hey Doc,
My plants have begun to have brown leaf tips, do you know what causes this or more importantly how to stop it. Will this get worse and how will it affect yield? Thanks.

Thanks for your question, it is one a lot of growers might have.  Low humidity is usually the first cause of brown leaf tips when growing indoors under a HPS or MH. You can mist your plants each day, but that might risk fungal infestation if you are growing plants that are susceptible to fungus. If you are going to mist your plants do so at the beginning of the lights on cycle. You could also have the plants sit in a tray with some stones in it and keep water in the tray. You don’t want your pots to sit in standing water, so the stones keep the pot up out of the water and the water then evaporates and increases the humidity. If this is the cause, it is not a big problem and if it does not get worse I would say you don’t really need to do anything. This should not affect your yield.
My next thought would be how you water the plants. Poor root health from overwatering or excessive soil dryness (especially between watering) can cause a plant to have brown root tips. My next suggestion would be to look at your water and how you apply your fertilizer. Some specific nutrient toxicities (such as fluoride, copper or boron can show up as brown leaf tips. If your water has fluoride in it you may want to buy water or get a water filter from HTGSupply.com. Keep in mind You do not need to buy or filter ALL your water, most substances have a threshold where they become toxic. In other words if you use less water with fluoride etc. you should notice the new leaf tips are not brown. I am not sure if the leaf tips that have the brown tips will recover (turn green again) so what you want to look for to see if you have fixed your problem is that new leaves do not have brown tips.
Last, if you are using a pesticide that can also cause brown leaf tips. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Good Growing
Dr. E.R. Myers

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