E-mail - Getting Started with a Grow Tent

  I have a 4x4 grow tent, what do I need to get started?  What about ventilation.

I would first recommend that you and all HTGSupply.com customers contact the shipping manager Perry at Sales@HTGSupply.com for all questions about equipment. I have used some of the great HTGSupply.com products, but he has worked with more, and does so on a daily basis. He is my go to guy when I have an equipment questions.
If you are growing plants for flowers or fruit, I would recommend a 400 HPS, but you will have to have an air cooled version for the grow tent. You could also try a 300 W LED. You might not need to vent with an LED, but that will depend on how big the plants you are growing will get. Heat rises, so with the LED you might get temperatures at the top of the tent in the 90’s which are not going to kill your plants, but will reduce yield and overall growth.  If you are growing say basil and can have the LED about 3 feet above the plants, the temperature should not be a problem.

I recommend all first time growers start off with soil, it is easy to get, and is the easiest medium for growing since it is what plants naturally grow in. I recommend a minimum of one gallon of grow medium space (size of the pot) for every foot of plant height. I usually use 3-5 gallon buckets, you will not have problems if you have a container that is too big, as far as plant growth. You may want to try different sizes to get the best size for your grow tent.

Good Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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