Nutrient Basics - Copper

Copper is part of many plant enzymes so it is essential for plants to have trace amounts of this nutrient.

Copper deficiencies appear in young leaves in a unique way, leaf centers yellow while veins and leaf margins remain green for a while. Shoots tips die, which is seen as leaves fail to develop. If they do grow, young leaves often become dark green and twisted. They may die back or just exhibit necrotic spots. Overall growth and yield will be deficient as well.

Causes of copper deficiencies are usually due to pH, plants grown in peat soils or given too much lime. Excess phosphorus, zinc or nitrogen can also cause a copper deficiency

As with any nutrient, copper toxicity is possible. Good Growers know copper is required only in very small amounts and readily becomes toxic in solution. Excess values will induce iron deficiency. Root growth will be stunted showing reduced branching, abnormal darkening and thickening of roots.

Good Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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