Nutrient Basics - Boron

Boron has biochemical functions that are not yet fully determined It is involved with root, fruit and seed formation andevidence suggests it is involved in the synthesis of one of the bases for the nucleic acid (RNA uracil) formation.

A Boron deficiency will have plants that exhibit corky spots on fruit. Rust-coloured cracks develop in stems and leafstalks, which later develop a corky edge. Leaves become thick, leathery, discoloured. Plants fail to bloom. One of the earliest symptoms is failure of root tips to elongate normally which would be obvious to hydroponic growers more so than soil growers. Root tips often become swollen and discolored.

Soils high in calcium or potassium can lead to boron deficiencies.

Boron Toxicity will result in yellowing of leaf tips followed by necrosis of the leaves beginning at tips or margins and progressing inward eventually leaves die and prematurely fall off. Some plant species are especially sensitive to boron accumulation.

Good Growing,
Dr E.R. Myers

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