E-mail -- Drought Proof Your Outside Plants

Hello Dr. Myers,
I was reading an old post/ article with your question to the public about how to keep up your plants that you can only tend to once a month or so.  I have a few suggestions that you may already know. First, to the best of my knowledge soil conditioned with Humic acid will retain more moisture naturally. I have found this to be true and also have found that plants put in humic conditioned soil tend to take root in the soil faster and bounce back from transplant shock faster as well. I also know that the carbon in the humic acid will feed the microbes in the soil. I am a big fan of the beneficial fungi and bacteria too because they will make the plant more drought resistant. These are all of the natural methods I know of to make plants more drought resistant but one way unnaturally is to add polymers like Soil Moist. I'm not sure if its on the HTGSupply.com web site or not but I have bought it at the Cranberry store and it will retain moisture considerably and slowly release it in the soil over time. This takes a good eye so you don't flood your plants with water for too long so it will be the type of thing that takes some getting used to but it works great.

Thank you CJ for sharing your experiences to help make us all good growers.
Dr. E.R. Myers

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