E-mail - Burnt Seedlings and Proper HPS Height

I just purchased a grow system from htgsupply.com --it was the hps 400w. I put my plants in my area to grow and they got burned by the light. I have plenty of ventilation for them. How far should I have the light from the plants. I just planted my seeds

For seedlings a 400 HPS should be 2-3 feet above the plants. With larger plants with good ventilation you can have the light 1-2 feet above. Young plants in small containers will need to be protected from drying out quickly under the HPS. You should think about a thermometer with a minimum / maximum setting. If your plants are burned the temperature probably was above 100F. If it was not it might be too much fertilizer or a disease...

I have recommended a few times on the blog that seedlings are better started under fluorescents’. The T-5 high output HTGSupply.com sells are awesome, you can grow bushy, sturdy green plants a foot tall or more easily but I know they are not cheap. If you only have a few bucks get a double bulb 4 foot fluorescent light from the hardware store with cool white bulbs. With these cheap fluorescents’ keep the bulbs 1 inch from the tops of the plants and you may be able to grow plants 6 inches that are green, bushy, sturdy, and will be ready for the HPS.
Good Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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