E-mail -- lights to use with indirect sun.

I am growing on a balcony with indirect sunlight. What type of light would you recommend for supplemental lighting? I like the idea of the leds but I have read a lot of articles saying that they are not good for blooming. I enjoyed reading some of your older posts and figured you would be able to answer my question. I know that the hps is the best for flowering and your recommendation if I only buy one light but in south Florida it is really hot and the balcony is about 4' x 8' but the grow area is 3' x 3' so I would rather not use the hot hps.

 I  am always glad to hear people are reading the older stuff.

I think if heat is your big concern an LED or T-5 HO fluorescent would be best for you. The Tri-band from HTGSupply.com is good for flowering and with indirect sunlight you don't need to worry too much about the type or color of light, you are looking more at light intensity (Which the Tri-bands have). There are 50 Watt panels for 139 dollars that might be enough depending on how indirect the sun light is. Go with the Tri-band and do not get an all one color panel. There is also a 120 watt Tri-Band light that will be enough for 3x3 even in a closet. This light is over 400$ though.

The fluorescents are good, and less expensive than LED's but are usually 2 or 4 feet long so that might not fit your 3 foot space needs.

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Dr. E.R. Myers

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