Your new grow area

I did these posts because I actually build this grow shelf this summer as a project, and I thought it might help someone that wanted to do something similar.
Things to keep in mind when using a grow shelf… The most important thing to keep in mind is what is below the shelf! Water will eventually run off your shelf and hit what is below. It is not a good idea to put a shelf above electric appliances b/c no matter what you think, you will spill water. Also, think about water spilling on the shelf, you could put down a tarp or some kind of water proof material but these tend to lead to fungal growth. It might be good to have a surface that you can wipe up, like painted wood (with exteroir paint). Also, You can increase plant growth with reflective surfaces, In this picture you can see this needs to be my next improvement, (Maybe next summer). I kept the same background so you could see how easy it is to turn any shelf into a grow area. I need to add white paint the the shelf and wall or hang Mylar to help increase light reflection.

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