E-mail Ques. Heat and plant growth

Dr. Myers,
Can you direct me to a link on heat and overall plant health research?
As I stated, I am considering LEDs verses HIDs due to the excessive
heat of HIDs and the impact on my plants. I have seen many conflicting
statements on what is the best temperatures for growing and the impact of over
heating. I grew up in Phoenix and in the summer the temps hit 110 plus, yet
plants (suited for the desert) seem to do well. I assume one reason is the
plants can cool themselves by their roots in the cooler soil - another reason
to be a dirt farmer!

And is there anything specifically related to heat and nutrient

Thanks again for everything!

I am a dirt farmer too.

To answer your question, there are a lot of articles on heat stress and the metabolic reaction (at the cellular or molecular level), but I put a link to a general article below that might help.
I don't know if you read my articles on HTGSupply.com’s web page in 2008, I published about one a month, the link to the one about temperature is also below.
Thanks for your E-mail.
Dr. E.R.Myers

Heat stress article

My article which talks a bit about temp.

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