E-mail Ques. Aeroponic set up

Dr. Myers
I first wanted to take a second to say Thank You, for your time and your advice.
I have been working with a small aeroponic system. This system was designed and
engineered by me. My question is the reservoir is 15 gallons in size with a temp. of
68 degrees. the water times are 15min on and 15min off constant. I use organic fert
and super thrive. HOW OFTEN SHOULD I REPLACE ALL CONTENTS OF THE RESERVOIR. I currently keep a precise p.h. 5.8 and e.c. as well as ppm of 800 in vegg. I can maintain this without any changes but currently I start fresh every 14-18 days. Is
this O.K ??

First let me say it is very impressive to build your own system. If what you described is working for you and your plants I see no obvious reason to change your routine. You seem to be on top of the pH but depending on what plants you are growing, it sounds a bit low (too acidic). If you are looking for new things to try to improve growth, try raising the pH into the 6.0+ range. If you notice problems with your plants you can lower the pH. I say this without knowing what plants you are growing, if you are growing plants that prefer acidic conditions, you are fine. Most plants prefer a pH that is between 6.0-7.2. As I am sure you know, raising the pH will also affect nutrient use by the plants, so do it gradually. Maybe you could first try to keep it at 6.0 and see what that does… Another thing you might want to think about is to increase your water temperature into the 70’s if it is not too much of a hassle. Roots tend to prefer warmth and this too may increase your plant growth and yields.

Good Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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