Success is achieved

What I really like about the starter plugs, is that like rockwool, you can pull the plug out and look for roots. When using other mediums like vermiculite or soil you can give the stems a “tug” to see if they are rooted. Sadly, I have tugged a plant out of the medium and killed it. The plugs are convenient and easy to use.

Notice the blue cups in the back of the picture? The high output light with the deluxe clone kit is bright enough where I can put a few new plants in cups with soil beside the dome. The new plants in cups get plenty of light and this allows me to give some TLC to the new plants for a week or so until I put them under my HPS for vegetative growth. (An MH would be better for vegetative growth, but I don’t have one) The new plants are fragile, so they should still be misted once daily even outside the dome. With all transplants the plants will not grow for a week or so. Once you see new leaf growth, you can treat the cutting like any other plant. Success!

Good Growing,

Dr. E. R. Myers

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