Fertilizer use after potting up

Once you correctly p0t up your cutting you still need to treat it tenderly for a week or so. As far as nutrients, once you see new plant growth after transplanting, you can start your regular fertilizer regime. You don’t want to use too much if any fertilizer during the cutting process. Most fertilizers are salts, which can interfere with water uptake, and you do NOT want the plants maximizing their rate of photosynthesis as cuttings, this will cause excess water to be used up by the plant cells and could lead to poor cutting survival.
You can even grow up you new plant and have IT become a new mother plant. However, keep in mind that with cuttings, your “new” plant still will act like it is the age of the original mother plant. This often leads to decreased vigor and yields in plants after many generations. Cloning is NOT the the final step in growing plants, but it is indeed an important one in enjoying growing plants as a hobby.

Good Growing,
Dr. E. R. Myers

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