E-Mail Ques. No growth after transplant -- Heat stress

Hello Dr. Myers,
My plants are almost 3 weeks from being transplanted and have not shown any significant growth. They are in 12x12x12 containers. Should I transfer them to 5 gallon buckets?
I am sure that some exposure to high heat slowed their metabolism as well, correct??

Hello, Plants are usually shocked/stressed and don't grow for a day or so after transplant, and even then their roots, which you do not see, may grow for a few days before new leaves etc. grow. Three weeks is definetly too long for no plant growth to occur.
First, I must ask if the plants are getting bushy or growing more branches? Maybe that is why they are not getting taller or closer to the light, how exactly are you measuring plant growth?
I measured a 5 gallon bucket and it is only 12x12x15. If you check one plant and it is not rootbound in the 12x12x12 containers, transplanting to a 5 gallon container is not the solution. Also, high temperatures usually cause plants to grow tall, and have long internode lengths, so that is not the problem either. Do the plants ever get fresh air, is your grow room air tight? Plants do need oxygen too, so if you have the room sealed with high CO2 24hrs a day, they may run out of oxygen? My last suggestion is to check the pH, if it is too high or low, plant growth will be stunted.

I hope this helps, Let me know if you have any more questions

Dr. E. R. Myers

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