Upgradeing Lights in the Mother Keep Grow Tent

Hi doc, looking to change out my lighting setup to something new.
I'm running t5 four bulbs 4 feet long which came with the motherkeepergrow tent from htgsupply.com.
I veg/flower in the same tent, but would like a stronger light for flowering only and not sure what to use. I’m sure 1000 watt lights would burn my  tent.

Just looking for ideas I have five plants only.  Thank u

  You could get a 1000 Watt with ductwork andventilation, they have lights where the bulb is encased in glass connected to the duct work, and plants can grow almost right up to the bulb.  But, if you switch to an HPS, you may run out of room because your plants will probably get taller than they did under the T5.  So, if I were you, I'd get an LED.   You may want to get two 135 W LED's and put them in the grow tent about 2-3 feet apart.  I love the T-5's and use them to start my plants, but your plants will really flower better under an LED.  Get a 7 band, not a single color LED.  I think you'd be better with two smaller LED's than one big one, unless you wanted to also get a light mover but that might take away from some of your space.
I hope this helps.
Good growing
Dr. E.R. Myers

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