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What can you tell me about out gassing? I've read a lot of comments about outgassing killing off plants that were raised in the AgroMax tents that ya'll sell. can you explain/

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  Just following up, can you give me more detail, or links to sites  that talk about this out gassing?  I have not heard of this.  I would be more than happy to help if you send me some more info. 

I saw a post online where I was researching info on Grow Tents. Several people had posted about their plants dying which they thought was caused by the material that the Grow Tents were made of. I even emailed one of the company's that they had named (HTGSupply.com) to ask what they could tell me about "offgassing". They said that they had only heard of one Company that had this problem and it was "HydroHut". They also mentioned that this was several years ago and since then from what they knew; HydroHut had changed their material for their tents and had no further problems. They also informed me that when they spoke with clients who had complained about their product "offgassing" they came to the conclusion that they were keeping the temperatures extremely high(100 +) in their tents, therefore causing their plants to turn yellow and die. They assured me that their tents are safe and that if used properly with the correct temperature and ventilation there would be no problems with whatever plants I would want to grow.
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 I usually E-mail Perry at Sales@HTGSupply.com with equipment questions.  He said about 6-7 years ago, one company, started offering grow tents very similar to ones HTGSupply.com had at the time.  These tents were white lined tents, not the silver that is now most common.  Apparently the white poly they used reacted to light, and would emit a toxic gas that apparently kills plants.  So, many people thought this meant that EVERY grow tent made did this, regardless of who made it.
Now HTGSupply.com has the Silver lined tents. This is literally a layer of aluminum over the poly backing.  They have tested the tents.  Basically they set the tent up, with a 1000w light in it and ran it 24/7 for a week of two.  They have not been able to get those tents to off-gas at all! 
Now HTGSupply.com does still get off gas complaints.  They send out at least 50 tents per week.  Per month though we get 1 maybe 2 people claiming the tent the got is out gassing because their plants are dead or dying.  When asked how hot is it in your tent, some people say "I don't know but pretty hot" , or "I do not have a thermostat in it but real hot", or, "I do not have any ventilation in my tent and the thermostat is reading over 100 degrees F”.  If you do not have a thermometer, you need to get one asap, growing in a small space or grow tent without a thermometer, or ventilation is not good growing.
So, it seems this is an old problem that comes up now and again, but HTGSupply.com does not sell the white lined grow tents, and has done testing on the tents they do use.
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