E-mail Best Way to Improve Flowering in Plants?

Hey Doc,

  What is the best way to improve flowering in plants?

Well the first thing you want to consider is genetics.  You should look for (or try to breed for) plants that have the type of flowers you want.  You can only improve growing so much with the environment; the other 50% is genetics.  Red and yellow light tends to promote and enhance flowering in most plants.  This is why HPS and LED are so often used for flowering.  Also, you want to improve the amount of phosphorus you are giving your plants during flowering.  Nitrogen promotes vegetative growth so you want to limit how much you give plants.  HOWEVER, nitrogen is used to make DNA, and proteins in plants, so I do not recommend not giving your plants any nitrogen, just use a fertilizer that has a lower ratio of nitrogen to phosphorus and potassium.  You also want to keep temperatures and humidity at optimal levels for your plant from start to finish.  The less stress your plants have, the better they will grow.
Good Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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