E-mail - Using Small Pots for Big Yield

     I have read your posts in growing in small spaces. I do not have a lot of space and I was thinking if I keep the plants in small pots and keep them well watered, I will have more plants and get the biggest harvest from a small area. I am going to try to grow plants from veg. through flowering in 1 gallon pots. What do you think, any suggestions you have would be great.

Thanks for the E-mail and reading the other posts, it makes me happy to know I can help. Theoretically you are right, if you keep the soil moist but not soggy and give the plant all the nutrients it needs you should get good growth. That is the basic idea of hydroponics. However, if you grow in soil, it will be harder to keep the whole soil moist, but not too moist (see my post on water retention in soils). Also, once the roots hit the container edges, they will be restricted in growth and restricted root growth means restricted plant growth. You might want to try a bubble boy or two instead of using small pots. I think you might get a bigger yield with that vs. several small containers. This depends on the plant species you are growing and light you are using, you did not mention that. I do not know what type of height restriction you have. If you do not have a lot of height, I’d recommend a T-5 fluorescent or a LED from HTGSupply.com.

Last, you could do a scientific experiment and grow a few plants in the gallon pots, and try others in a 2 gallon pot. I find most growers use 2 gallon pots or larger when trying to get fruit. Many plants need to get a certain size before they flower, so if you are growing larger plants, you might want to go with 2-3 gallon pots.
Let me know if you have any other questions, and how things turn out,

Good growing,
Dr. E. R. Myers

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