The pH of Some Commonly Grown Plants Using Hydroponics

In the previous post I was asked about the best pH, well as usuall my answer is it depends on what you are growing.  Below are some nutrients that 'drop out' at various pH's and a few common plants I have grown indoors and their recomended pH growing hydroponically, the pH may need to be different if growing in soil or other mediums.  See my post on checking soil/soiless medium pH

pH values above 7.5 cause iron, manganese, copper, zinc and boron ions to be less available to plants.
pH values below 6 cause the solubility calcium and magnesium to drop.
pH values between 3 and 5 and temperatures above 26C encourage the development of fungal diseases.

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Plant     Optimal  pH Range
Beans        6.0-6.5
Broccoli   6.0-6.5
Cabbage   6.5-7.5
Carrots     5.8-6.4
Chives      6.0-6.5
Garlic      6.0-6.5
Lettuce     6.0-6.5
Onions     6.5-7.0
Peas         6.0-6.8
Pineapple 5.0-5.5
Radish     5.6.-7.0
Strawberries  5.6.-7.0
Tomatoes  5.5-6.5

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