E-mail - Best pH for 8 Site Clone Bucket

Hello Dr. Myers,
   I just bought the 8 site cloning bucket .  Can you please tell me what I should adjust the pH of my water to ? Also it came with a cloning gel and hormex... Which one should I use ? Thank you in advance for answering my questions.

 Thanks for the question. I have really enjoyed my 8 site clone bucket!!!  The pH of the nutrient/water solution, depending on the plants you are growing should be between 5.5 and 6.8. In most cases optimal pH is about 5.8 to 6.3 but this may vary slightly depending on the plant you are growing and the conditions you provide.
Some good growers get optimal results with pH as low as 5.0. I always encourage growers to experiment to see what works best for your grow environment and the particular plants but always keep the pH between 5.0 and 7.0.
You should measure the pH right after you add the nutrient solution to the reservoir (mix well first) because the nutrients will change the pH level of the water. Check the pH level a couple times a day the first time you use the clone bucket but once you know about where the pH will end up with your nutrients you only need to check it about once a week. I actually have not checked pH in awhile with my bucket, I simply change ALL the water each Friday and I use the same fertilizer and have great growth so I know that the pH is good. If this is your first hydroponic growing experience, you will need to check it often to see if you need to adjust your pH.  Different nutrients will have different affects on pH and water from different areas will have a different pH so you may need to adjust your pH each week or maybe you will be lucky like me and not have to.
I like hormex, I have written about it on the blog, but since you have 8 clone sites try both on four different plants a few times and see which one works better for you. I’d enjoy hearing back your results!
I will be writing about pH on the blog in Jan. Thanks to your good question.
Good Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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