Setting up a closet grow space -1

I have written about setting up a grow space before (Set up 1 and Set up 2  and Set up 3)
The first ting you should do I think is put plastic down on the floor if you are going to grow indoors. I like to use a closet so that I can control the light cycle. You can also use a grow tent  if you don’t have a spare closet. However, my main grow area at my college is open to the sky via windors/skylights and I use a 600 W HPS as supplemental light for my tropical plants. No matter what light cycle I put the 600 W light on the plants follow the suns cycle. After you put down the plastic you should go inside your grow area and look for light leaks…. Tiny little holes. Wait a minute or three with the door closed for your eyes to adjust and then look for any light leaks. You can take a marker in with you and mark where you see light and then seal the area better where the marks are.

The reason you need plastic is because plants need water, and growing indoors means you have to water them and humans make mistakes (water will spill). Water in carpet like I am showing here will 1) stain the carpet and more importantly 2) can lead to mold growth. Neither is recommending for good growing.

Measure the closet or grow area and if there are walls (you are not growing in the middle of a room for example) then add an inch or two to the length and width. You will want some over lap so that you can tape the plastic to the wall. You do NOT want the plastic to be a few inches short since this can mean dirt and water can get under the plastic to make a great environment for mold growth.
Once you have plastic on the floor and have checked for light leaks, it is time to hang electrical stuff above plants if possible. I hope everyone knows water and electricity do not mix.

Good Growing
Dr. E.R. Myers

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