Growing in small spaces-3 - Mother Plant.

A plant that is grown in a small container in a small space will have the same characteristics (taste, color etc.) if it is potted up and grown larger. This is yet another advantage to growing in small spaces and is often crucial to a breeding program. You can grow many plants to test their quantities and then choose the best to breed or to set up as a mother plant and take clones. Reviving or regenerating a plant grown in a small place in general means potting it up, giving it a fertilizer high in nitrogen and if it had begun flowering put the light back on a vegetative cycle like 18 on 6 off.  In a few weeks the new growth can be used to take clones sometimes for years to come.  The clones can be put back in the small space which will maximze growth having  uniform plants using the space to its fullest.

Good Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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