Speed up growth cycle flowering and harvest – Fruiting/Flowering –

In my experience the best flowers develop fastest with an HPS.  In general, the higher the wattage the better but ‘heat build up’ also increases with higher wattages. I think a spectrally Enhanced (30% more blue) HIGH OUTPUT HPS light is the BEST for flowering.

If you use an MH a lower Kelvin rating means there is more red and yellow which will promote flowering. For an MH 3000K lamp will obviously do much better than a 6400K if you are growing for flowers while a 6500K MH is the BEST spectrum for vegetative growth. Personally, for plants that only get 2-3 feet high I use fluro’s until the plants are well developed at about 8-12 inches tall and then put them under an HPS. For plants that are going to get taller I use a MH conversion bulb when the plants get too big for fluro's (over 1 foot) then put in a standard HPS bulb for flowering. These conversion bulbs can put out as many lumens as a MH of similar wattage and during flowering the HPS bulb always puts out more lumens per watt than an MH. If you ever get a new light, I usually recommend an HPS and a conversion bulb if you grow big plants and are worried about stem elongation.

As the end of the grow cycle approaches, the one thing that can easily ruin all your effort is if you don’t let your crop grow until its optimal maturity. I like growing peppers because you can really pick them at any time and they taste good. However, true connoisseurs can often distinguish if a crop has been picked before or after its best time. There is no one size fits all on how to harvest all crops, besides personal preference comes into play as well. I know picking at the peak time is what separates the best from the rest. The one place you should not try to shave time off the growth cycle is when allowing you plant to finish with their fullest flavor or beauty. Once your plants are done, you want to dry/cure them properly

I will end this post with these words of wisdom….Never harvest early!

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