Best temperature and easy cool 6 vs. Airoflow reflector

I am starting a indoor garden, I am looking at the easy cool 6, and Airoflow reflector. I am planning on running (2) 600 watt systems in my flowering room. I like the the easy bulb access of the Easy Cool, but I am thinking the Airoflow would be better, because of the width. My room is 10' x 10', with the grow area being aprox 4' x 6', with a liitle room to expand to 6' x 8'. I have a 2nd room that I will use for Vegetative growth, planning on running one 600 watt system, would the wider reflector work better for growth?

Also another question, with the cold weather approaching, and the fresh air coming into the room being a little colder... Is the soil temperature more important then the room temperature. For example what if the room temp drops to 65 degrees F, when the lights are off, and the soil stays at 72 degrees F?  I will be ordering my lights as soon as I make a decision on the reflector, then I can run the lights and fans and monitor room temps. May have to run C02 system if the fresh air is too cold.
Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

I am going to forward your first question to Sales@htgsupply.com. I have limited experience with specific reflector types. The sales manager Perry knows all about that stuff and would give you better advice. (see his reply below)
I can answer your second question. The soil temperature is equally as important as the air temp. Every biological process has an optimum temperature where the process goes at its fastest pace (speed up growth cycle link). This is why certain seeds germinate only at a specific temperatures. (temperature and seed germination link)   Also, most of the soil microbes function best at 25-35°C. (That is about 75-95 F btw) Your temperatures, if an actual reading are ok. For most plants soil in the 60's is fine. Air temperatures "night- lights off" in the 60's - 70's are also fine. Obviously, different plants have different optimal temperatures but in general plants do not have any damage with air temperatures above the 40's F. Depending on the species of plant you are growing they may not even have tissue damage until the upper 30's F.  Keep in mind though that plant growth will be slowed with temperatures even as low as in the 50's so keeping it in the 60's at night is ideal.

Also, if you are going to induce flowering, you will get more flowers faster if the night time temperature is around 20 degrees colder than the day temperature. So, it sounds like you have a pretty good system as things are.
Make sure you take the temperature reading near the air intake and across the room in winter.  There could be a big difference between where the fresh air comes in and the other side of the room.  If the air coming in is in the 40's or cooler in the winter, this may harm your plants that are near the air intake.  I will also say that with your fresh air intake make sure you have a screen to block any pests from getting in. If you have CO2 already in place, you'd get better growth rates using a CO2 generator than just fresh air.

Good Growing,
Dr. E. R. Myers


Thank you for your interest in our products. This is Perry, I got this message forwarded to me from our"Ask the Doctor" section. I see that he answered the second question, so obviously I got
the first.
When it come to the differences between those two reflectors, besides
size there is not much. The AiroFlow used to have a glass piece that slid out so a
tight air seal was impossible, they have now added the hinged glass and rubber seal, thus one upping the EasyCool 6 which for the longest time was our ONLY sealed reflector.  EasyCool 6 on the other hand used to have a fix socket bracket. So you would get a tighter light spread from the EasyCool 6 than the Airoflows larger design. Now the EasyCool 6 has a adjustable socket bracket that allows you to move the socket closer to or further from the glass/reflective material thus allowing you to spread it better, or tighten it up as you desired.
This feature is also on the AiroFlow so I guess that would give you the best possible spread, but not by much.  Price wise, EasyCool 6 wins. Spread wise, Airoflow wins.

Thanks again and have a nice day
Shipping Manager

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